macabre (muh-kah-bruh):

1) gruesome and horrifying; ghastly; horrible. 2) of, pertaining to, dealing with, or representing death, especially its grimmer or uglier aspect. 3) of or suggestive of the allegorical dance of death.


I have been fascinated by the paranormal and horror genre as long as I can remember, and it has since bloomed in to a passionate hobby. I’m a paraholic to the core!  I’m a Seattle native, born and raised, I have a wonderful husband of 8 years, a wicked kitty named Karma and our angle pups, Toki. I spend most of my free time researching/investigating the paranormal, horror genre, and true crime. My bio includes experiencing various paranormal activity beginning at age 9, becoming co host on Beyond The Edge Radio 3/1/15, being on 2 episodes of “Jim Harold’s Campfire” podcast (HIGHLY recommended for those of you who are unaware), helping chose the “Best Of” format for the radio show “Speaking of Strange” while Joshua P. Warren was off filming “Paranormal Paparazzi”, as well as never missing logging in to chat for “Speaking of Strange” radio show every Saturday night for FOUR years (hit anniversary 10/2013). I also had my true short story published in Joshua P. Warrens new book, “It Was A Dark and Creepy Night”, which is available Aug. 25th, 2014. One of my “Campfire” stories was published in the book “True Ghost Stories: Jim Harolds Campfire Stories Volume 4”, as well as being picked as one of the top three stories in this book (2015). I also have a recommendation for this book printed on the back cover. I have completed numerous paranormal investigations.  I have had a Streamlink membership with Coast to Coast since 1998. I am well versed in all things paranormal, extraterrestrial, cryptozoological, serial killers and tend to lean towards the darker side, so I’ve decided to publish this website and start a podcast to hopefully entertain, enlighten, and interact with like minds out there. Prepare yourself……..

zombie me



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