Sumpter, OR. 2014

Sumpter, OR……where do I start? At the beginning, I reckon. We finally got there 8/28/14 after a 7 1/2 hour drive at about 6 pm. Here’s some pic’s of the B & B.


We had requested room 6 based on Patrick Doyle’s (“Ghost Mine”) recommendation during my interview with him. It’s also called the John Wayne room. He captured an EVP & had experiences in that room, as had others.

Barb & Jay were very welcoming, & after we got unloaded we asked where we should go for dinner. Barb looked at the clock, it was close to 7:30 pm & she sadly said, “I doubt any restaurant is open, but you could try the saloon….”. We went to the saloon (has restaurant attached, but closed at 7) & they were serving “fried foods”, so we ordered fish & chips. (No comment.) We got back, unpacked, & did investigation, night 1. I’m extremely exhausted during this, but it was worth it,  we a caught light anomaly on video! You’ll see in the clip the light move from right to left, behind me, but doesn’t appear on my other side.

Friday morning, 8/29/14, we had Jay’s famous huckleberry pancakes for breakfast, which were excellent even when cold (in his defense, I didn’t say anything about them being cold)! Then it was off to the Flea Market for a few hours where we scored some awesome, obscure stuff! Now, Sumpter is roughly 6 blocks long on the main road, which isn’t paved (all dirt), & there are no street signals or stop signs. You see more people rolling in ATV’s than in cars. I knew it was a small town, but didn’t know it was THAT small! Being a Seattle native, the lack of espresso stands & the availability of a hot cup of coffee was a constant struggle! Thank God for the B & B, they make great coffee! Friday afternoon we went up to the Sumpter Cemetery, referencing Patrick’s map of his activity there (which can be found in his new book, “Ghosts From the Ground Up”). He heard noises at Joseph Young’s grave, who was a Mason. Here’s some shots of the cemetery:

We noticed 1/2 the grave sites are children, A LOT of them 4 years old or infants. Odd…

We went back that night for an investigation, but didn’t catch anything.

Saturday morning, 8/30/14, we went out the to Chinese Rock Walls. Once we saw the bridge to the walls & the terrain on the other side we knew Toki wouldn’t be able to navigate the rocks. My husband was about to cross the bridge to take better pic’s of the rock walls, but a family showed up w/their very large dog off leash, so we just took what shots we could before bouncing.

Saturday night was the big night! The premiere of “The Dead Files” at the Sumpter B & B of them investigating the B & B! We all (guests) sat in the common area to watch, & because we had Toki we sat on the floor ~ EXACTLY where the big bloodstain was that Amy Allen was seeing, check my FB page for that clip from the show: Amy Allen claimed she saw 5 women who would suck the energy from the guests, & an older man who acted like he was the original owner. Barb & Jay claimed to me, & on the show, they had done most of Amy’s “homework”, so I was a little disappointed that the place might not haunted anymore. We began our final investigation of room 6 that night, started around 11pm w/EVP session ~ nothing. So I broke out the spirit box, & I heard some responses. Remember we are in the middle of nowhere, no cell service, & no radio stations (we tried to tune one in on the radio Fri. when we went to flea market for background noise for Toki, NO STATIONS. And when you watch the clips you’ll hear a “clean sweep”, IE: no DJ’s voices). The first clip you’ll hear the voice just before I say “Megan” or “Pagan”, but upon review at home I think it’s saying “Mason”, check it out (turn up those speakers!):

The second voice that you can hear is when I’m telling my husband (who’s an open minded skeptic & filming) what I’m hearing, & I say “I know you don’t buy it!” to which the spirit box says “Buy it” ~ listen:

Our 3rd voice comes out of nowhere & says “prostitute” ~ listen:

There was another voice that didn’t get picked up by the video camera mic. I asked “Who is showing themselves in the corner of this room?” & I heard “J. D. Young”! I asked to please repeat the name, & it said “Joseph”. I will admit that during our entire stay there we were extremely exhausted, & it lasted for days after we got home. Was it the 5 ladies, sucking our energy? I dunno. I dunno what to think. Shoot me your opinions by commenting on this website or hittin’ me up on Facebook.

Sunday, 8/31/14, time to pack up & head home. We got a shot of the Mason lodge that is next door to the B & B, the town church, Sumpters 1st bank, & I had to say goodbye to my new friend, Joseph Young:

They only had day tours of the Dredge, & you could only stay on the 1st level (Patrick saw shadow figure on 2nd level), so I just snapped some shots of the Dredge & the parts graveyard before we blazed on to Baker City for some Starbucks!!!!!!!!!


My final thoughts on the Sumpter B & B? I believe it’s haunted by the 5 ladies, strictly based on the brutal, extended exhaustion I felt while I was there & after I got home (all though part of that was the “coffee situation”, lol). I also believe Joseph Young is there, which I haven’t figured out yet. The B & B was the Masonic Lodge from 1931 – 1971, but Young died in 1905, when it was still a hospital. Need to research this fella more, but my gut tells me the bloodstain Amy saw is related to him somehow….perhaps he lay bleeding just inside the doorway of the back entrance as they got room 6 (closest room to bloodstain, & the most active) ready to put him in, for emergency treatment, & he died minutes after being “admitted” in room 6? Time to hit the web….

Final thoughts on the town of Sumpter itself? It’s neat that there are deer & wild turkeys running around everywhere, & you truly feel like you’ve gone back in time, but now that they’ve become an attraction they need to accommodate for that. Many of the locals (Barb & Jay especially) are very friendly, but there’s an equal share of those who don’t want the extra work the tourism is providing, even if it makes them more profitable. To those Sumptnerians, this is for you:

Look for my business cards at the B & B, Jay & Barb were sweet enough to let me leave a few holders on each floor:

Until next time, Sumpter……..until next time.











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